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Lombok first. is an initiative of locals on Lombok supported by knowledge and examples of travelers like you.

* DISCLAIMER: In contrary to “America First”, we like to welcome and work together with people worldwide.
At Lombok First. we believe that by doing things together, we can create a sustainable future for Lombok: both financially and environmentally.
It is Lombok First’s mission to empower projects which are either initiated by locals or have the purpose to support Lombok’s sustainable future. By bringing travelers like you closer to the people and their projects, we aim to enrichen locals with your knowledge, examples and motivation.
Lalu Akhsan

Lalu Akhsan


Akhsan (Hassan) is a man with many lives. He has over 10 years of experience working at a travel agency. But now he’s a family man, business- and restaurant owner. Next to that, he helps people setting up projects on Lombok.

Weeraphon Iamnak

Weeraphon Iamnak


Weeraphon is currently traveling the world, trying to explore local cultures and communities. Born in Thailand and growing up in the Netherlands, he realizes how lucky he has been to have access to one of the best education systems worldwide.

Juan Marjuan

Juan Marjuan


Juan is Akhsan’s younger brother. As a local of Lombok, he’s really concerned about the future of Lombok and it’s people. Currently, he’s working for ‘100 thousand smiles’. An organization which distributes meat throughout all of Lombok for the poor.
Dr. Akhmad Saufi

Dr. Akhmad Saufi


Dr. Akhmad Saufi is a lecturer at Mataram University in Lombok. He got his Ph.D. at Griffith University. Currently, he is a director at Syafa’at foundation. Akhman mainly focusses on eco-tourism projects to empower the local people of Lombok.

Q: Are you a non-profit organization?
A: We are not a non-profit organization. We are a company for people created by people. Every person working for Lombok First gets paid fairly so they can support their families and keep on supporting other families. Profits will be used to grow Lombok first to create more opportunities for those who need it.

Q: I have a suggestion for a project, are you interested?
A: Yes! We definitely are interested. Please contact us through the form below. We are open to all suggestions.


Didn't find what you were looking for? Please ask Akhsan. He can help you for sure. Or contact on WhatsApp: +62 817-5760-337

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